эскорт услугиThe answer to this question seems to be simple. Hundreds of free vacancies. And also state employment office is obliged to help. But there is more to this that meets an eye. Imagine the situation: a girl has graduated with red diploma or not, it does not matter. Higher complete education. Her parents live in village, and for them it’s not possible to provide her with a decent style of life in the capital. Her work experience is zero. But in the ads it is clearly stated that it should be at least three years. She is not well-connected with necessary people. What is left for her? Not so many options. No wish to go back to the village. Of course, there is a chance to get a position of as a cleaner or a seller, but for what reason? Anyway, it won’t be enough to rent a flat. Moreover, it is also necessary to eat, and dress nicely. This is when the idea comes to mind — to work with the escort agency providing additional services.

Why work in an escort of GiA agency is beneficial?

Stable and good earnings. Price for escort services is quite high. If a lady is attractive, sociable, intelligent and knows foreign language, one year of work will be enough to get no less than three thousand dollars.

The ability to increase revenue. In addition to escort, lady can provide additional sexual services. Why not, if the customer has appeared to be nice? Sexual services are well-paid. An approximate price may be found on our website.

Useful contacts. The agency Gia.LA deals with wealthy customers. Going with them on a business dinner or formal banquet, escort girl gets a great opportunity to meet with representatives of high society. Such connections may help in life, of course, if a lady makes a positive impression. Well, she may not become the wife of a king, but decent, loyal customers who are willing to pay for her services there will be more than enough.

эскорт услугиTraveling around the world. Girls of our agency accompany clients on business trips and on vacation, both in Ukraine and around the world. All expenses are paid by a customer. All that escort lady must do is to satisfy desires of the client and enjoy the journey.

Safety. All orders are arranged by Manager. New customers of agency are required to provide a photocopy of identity proof. This is a kind of agency and escort girls prevention from unforeseen situations.

By choosing work at the agency, future escort girl provides her a comfortable existence. She is guarded from insane clients and unpleasant consequences.

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